Company introduction

Yellow Balloon City Bus

Yellow Balloon City Bus

Seoul tour with one ticket !
The double-decker bus, which is one of special features in Seoul, guide you.

YELLOW BALLOON CITY BUS is when you buy a one-day ticket and can use the bus all day long you can hop on and hop off as much as you like at any of the bus stops on the route.
The bus in the traditional culture course starts from dongdaemun design plaza and passes cheongwadae, Namdaemun market, Insadong, downtown and palaces.
and the bus in the Hangang/Jamsil course passes Seoul forest, Jamsil Lotte world tower, Olympic park and southern part of the seoul.


TOUR BUS introduction

Open top double-decker

  • 2층 오픈형(개방형) 외관
  • 2층 오픈형(개방형) 1층
  • 2층 오픈형(개방형) 2층

Half top double-decker

  • 2층 하프탑형 외관
  • 2층 하프탑형 2층

Covered double-decker

  • 2층 오픈형(밀폐형) 외관
  • 2층 오픈형(밀폐형) 2층

Detailed specifications

Detailed specifications table
Classification The number of vehicles Length Width Height Passenger seats
1st floor 2nd floor Total
Open top double-decker 2 12.44m 2.50m 3.99m 18 47 65
Half top double-decker 3 12.44m 2.50m 3.99m 18 53 71
Covered double-decker 1 12.44m 2.50m 3.99m 12 41 53