Customer Service


🎇 Night Tour Information in Feb

👩 Hello.

🚍 This is the Yellow Balloon City Bus.

🎇 We'd like to inform you about the night tour.

1️⃣ It runs from Sat to Sun

2️⃣ The night tour starts at 18:30 in Feb.

3️⃣ Traditional Culture (City) only.

4️⃣ The night tour is NON-STOP and must board at Dongdaemun DDP stop, the starting point.

5️⃣ If there are less than 8 people, the tour will be canceled and a full refund will be made.

6️⃣ We are accepting reservations according to the number of seats on the second floor.

7️⃣ Online reservations are not available. Only on-site purchases are available.

8️⃣ Please come 30 minutes before departure time

9️⃣ The night tour does not provide announcements such as tourist attractions and explanations.

9️⃣ Don't stand up while driving. Please fasten your seat belt

❤ Thank you!