Reservation information


Tour information

  • Only image files within 10MB can be registered as attached files. (jpeg, jpg, png, gif, bmp)

Reservation information

The booking confirmation and reservation details will be sent to the e-mail you entered. You can check the reservation confirmation menu.

Payment information

  • * Cancellation/Refund Information
  • ① Full refund (100% of payment amount) in case of no boarding
  • ② Inquiries regarding payment/cancellation/refund: 1544-4239
  • ③ The cancellation/refund policy may be changed after prior notice according to the company's policy.

Agreement to the collection and use personal information

Gather personal data the bare minimum needed for a reservation services company.

The purpose of the collection of personal information

  • Scheduled payment for services payment information.
  • Using statistical purposes, such as services statistics

Collecting personal information items

  • Name, Contact

Retention period of personal information

  • The aim has been reached using collection and destruction without delay or end use their personal information.

You can make a reservation for rejection in the event of personal information providers, the service available to the limited.